Feldbluse M15

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Field jacket 1915 pattern made of feldrau (field-grey) wool with “Resedagrün” woolen collar (also available Bavarian version with feldgrau collar). Lining made of cotton or mixed cotton-linen. Sleeves, collar and some lining stitched by hand like in orignal jackets.

Available in two versions: standard and “private purchase”. The second one differs from standard army version in waistline (it’s slim-fitted).

As for being used widely during Greater Poland uprising and by soldier of regular Army of Greater Poland, we can stitch both German and Polish hooks and buttons.

Available in standard 48-56 sizes. Shoulder boards should be bought separately.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 30 cm

2 reviews for Feldbluse M15

  1. Nikita_Katzen

    Received my Feldbluse in the mail today – the quality is stunning and it is quite honestly perfect! Definitely recommend, and will be buying from here again. Wool’s the right colour, all the sewing is excellent and the quality of it all is amazing.

    10/10, cannot recommend it more.

  2. Nikita_Katzen

    Excellent Feldbluse, recieved mine in the mail today – colour is excellent, it’s comfortable, and all of the insignia and sewing is done perfectly.

    Cannot recommend these guy’s work more, it’s all excellent.


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