Measurement Guide

Here we’ll try to help you how to write down your measurements. IMPORTANT! Use metric system.

If you need help, fell free to write or call us!

It would help if you had assistance from a friend or (better option – experienced tailor) when measuring. Best thing is to wear good-fitting shirt and trousers. The tape should be held snug, but not too closely – the measurements you take will be internal dimensions for your clothes and you need to feel comfortably wearing them!

When ordering tailor-made clothes we’ll ask you to download our measurements chart and send it us to our e-mail after filling it.






1. collar size (different for shirt, jacket and coat)
2. nape to hips
3. nape to waist
4. waist
5. chest
6. sleeve
7. shoulder
P. armhole depth



A. waist
B. hips
C. outside leg
D. knee
E. calf


jackets 1. for shirt – tape fitted to neck, for jacket – tape fitted to shirt collar
2. best to take sitting on a chair
3. from neck to down belt edge
4. take on the height of bellybutton
5. take just below armpits
trousers A. like point 4.
B. take on the height of hipbone
C. from hipbone to ankle
D. breeches: take measurements when knee is bended
E. breeches: in the widest point of a calf