About Us


We are a pair of reenactors and retro/vintage-lovers, who want to provide you the best-quality stuff for historical reenactment. Since 2018 we make male uniforms for you under the name Mundury Jarema (Polish: Jarema Uniforms). In 2020 we decided to start making female uniforms under the name Korsena (www.korsena.com). A year after our good fellow (reenactor as well) re-opened his leather workshop, so we've been putting his stuff in our offer since then.

We run our workshop in our home in Poznań, together with our two dogs: Luna and Wolf.

Using pre-war sewing machines and best available fabrics we try to make as authentic repros as we can.

Have questions? Fell free to contact us! 🙂 (The best way to do it is texting us on our fb business page: Jarema or Korsena. Our e-mails and instagrams are spammed by Asian vendors trying to sell us their 'goods')