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Facebook Community

Please join our Community on Facebook:
You’ll find there more pics from our workshop and sneak peaks. We’ll sell there any ‘stocks’ and collect customers willing to order limited-edition stuff.

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WW2 category (3rd Reich and Hungary)

We take only group orders for this category (5 or more pcs for each item, e.g. 5 tunics of same or similar pattern (M36 + M40 or M42 + M43) or 5 pairs of trousers or 5 caps, etc.), please text us on facebook for the details.

We’ve run out of the fabric, the only possibility to have Hungarian stuff from our workshop is ordering at least 5 full sets (tunics+trousers+caps) due to minimum quantity of fabric we have to order from our vendor.

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Changes in shipping

Due to the COViD-19, we’re not able to ship abroad using GlobalExpress, we can ship only using economical shipment with Polish Post instead. It can longer the shipping time.

GlobalExpress is back for now (January, 2022) for most of European countries and the USA. We don’t know if it is as fast as it used to be before.
Just in case: shipping time update for standard parcels:
EU – 1-2 weeks
USA – 1-2 months (up to 3 months if held by US Customs)
Available shipping methods and list of countries under this LINK [Polish Post webstie, PL version only]