How to order?

Ordering process

We will guide you through Order process here.
Notice! It is an example only to visualize the process.

Let’s order Feldbluse M44, made of standard feldgrau wool:

1. Choose proper category on Shop page (for Feldbluse M44 we need to choose The Third Reich category)

2. Choose proper category on category page (Uniforms, underwear and accesories)

3. Now, let’s choose the product:

4. Now, it’s time to choose proper size and other product options. Our standard size chart is available under those links:
Size Chart in inches
Size Chart in centimeters

We want to order the tunic in custom size, so we need to choose proper size option (custom), then we press 

5. Let’s see, how our cart looks like now.  As we want to order the tunic in custom size, we need to fill an on-line Personal Size Chart.
If you forget about it, don’t worry, there will be another possibility in Order Form 😉

You don’t have to fill the Chart if you order stuff in standard sizes.

6. That’s how our Personal Size Chart looks like. You need to fill it carefully, your future stuff will be exact how you order 😉

It seems to be a little bit complicated, isn’t it? Don’t worry! We prepared Measurement Guide for you!

After filling it, all we need to do is

7. Personal Size Chart is filled and sent. We received an information that our chart was taken. Now we need to get BACK TO ORDER

8. Ok, the order is almost done. Now we need to fill the Order Form with personal data, choose proper shipping and payment method.
As our tunic is custom-made, we need to remember to tick proper option (in red circle).

Shipment fee will be automatically added after texting the address. Shipment fees can be found here.

(If you forget to fill Personal Size Chart, that’s the very last moment to do it 😉 )

9. After choosing payment method and placing the order you’ll be sent to your bank website (when choosing tPay) or Paypal website, where you’ll be supposed to pay for the order.


As you already know, you can order nearly every single product from the site custom-made. Please notice, that we’ll make the order in exact size you give. When measuring, remember that:

  • It would help if you had assistance from a friend or (better option – experienced tailor) when measuring. 
  • Best thing is to wear good-fitting shirt and trousers. 
  • The tape should be held snug, but not too closely – the measurements you take will be internal dimensions for your clothes and you need to feel comfortably wearing them!
Custom-made stuff is charged +30% extra. Please remember to tick proper option in Order Form.

If you want to order something out of our offer, just let us know about it by sending an e-mail.

Waiting time

Lead time consists of time needed to complete an order and shipping time. Completing an order takes:

ab. 2 months (depending on product/products) for sewing (please be advised that every single product is made on our own for your order and is not imported or re-sold)
2-6 weeks shipping time (depends on Customer’s address and form of delivery). Shipping to the USA can take even up to 1,5 month, due to US Customs. 


You have received an e-mail from us, that you order is ready and you still don’t have the parcel? Contact us for the Tracking number!