About the company

Historical Overview

There was a time in the history of Poland, when her (please forgive this feminative, ‘Poland’ in Polish language is feminine) territory was torn between three of her neighbours (Prussia, Austria and Russia) and Poznań was just a capital of German Provinz. But it was also the time when the history of ‘industrial’ sewing in Poznań began.

The city itself became an H.Q. of V. Armeekorps (5th Corps Command) and the workshops started to make uniforms and equipment for Bekleidungsamt V (abbr. B.A.V – Clothing Department 5).

After World War 1, when Poland regained her independence, the city and its workshops and Clothing Plant remained one of the most important points on the map of tailoring. 

The biggest plant (the one to make German Imperial uniforms, established in 1908) was unfortunately closed in 2000.

Today, there are few vendors in Poznań to make historical uniforms and equipment and our small workshop (established in 2018) is one of them.