Panzer Lehr embroidery


Available for group orders only (5pcs or more of each item)

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Stylized “L” letters embroidered by hand using silk thread. Thread color is same as shoulder boards’ Waffenfarbe.

Attention! We braid only shoulder boards from our shop, please be sure you bought one in the same order.

Price for a pair (2 pcs).

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Weight 0,5 kg

Schiffchen M34, Schiffchen M40 (Waffen SS), Schiffchen M40 (LW), Schiffchen M42, Einheitsfeldm├╝tze M43 (WH), Einheitsfeldm├╝tze M43 (SS), Einheitsfeldm├╝tze M43 (LW), Crusher (WH), Crusher (SS)


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